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    The rise in social media marketing has seen to it that advertising has not only gotten so much easier but also a lot cheaper. It costs a fraction of what traditional advertising used to and anyone with a smart phone or access to one can do it. It is however important to learn how to use this tool as effectively as possible. I’m here to furnish you with a list of things to steer clear
  • SEO
    Content creators are often faced with the struggle of capturing the attention of their target audience. It is important to note that anyone can write an article, but it takes a special kind of understanding to write a Search Engine Optimized article. A good writer chooses topics that are engaging to the audience but after a promotional peak, the number of visits generally declines. When content is not received with the same enthusiasm that the
  • James Ngatia
    There is a small number of people visiting your website, which essentially means the content you have been publishing is not bringing about the desired outcome. Generating the amount of desired traffic is not as simple as having an attractive website or paying for advertisements. There is more to an effective website than its glam or the resources you pour into it. If you do not improve your content marketing strategy, it is highly likely
  • Custom Website for All Devices
    James Ngatia
    With massive strides in technological advancements and how we do things in the world and business, custom websites are valuable assets for any organization. Business analysts have confirmed that a good website enhances a business’s incoming traffic and maximizes sales. Its time to invest in a custom website. A custom website refers to one that is tailored exclusively for your business and its unique needs; the features and specifications of the website are designed to
  • James Ngatia
    Technology is part and parcel of our lives now, there is no fighting it. We understand the need to romanticize the past, and that is perfectly okay. After all, we cannot fully understand where we are headed if we do not appreciate where we are coming from, right? Nonetheless, we have to learn to let go of the past and former ways of doing things if we are going to survive an ever-changing and volatile

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