To offer our clients the most effective mix of digital marketing solutions that position their brand favorably, builds credibility, increases engagement and boosts revenue.

Who We Are

Worknami Digital is an online marketing agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. We help businesses navigate through the always-changing online environment by creating value for their customers and growing their revenue.

Through our services, we enable companies to interact with the customers in more meaningful ways. We take a personalized approach to every project for our clients, thus producing results that are aligned with their goals and culture.

Using advanced, online-based technology and media, we promote products and services organically, thus increasing website traffic and ultimately, driving sales to your business.  This is also known as digital marketing.

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To help businesses adopt the most suitable online marketing tools and strategies quickly, with the aim of expanding their market, reach and revenue.

What Can Worknami do for my business?

We offer tailor-made digital marketing services that elevate your business.

What oils this machine?

Our Core Values

Excellence unites us

The quest to produce excellent results is at the core of Worknami’s DNA. As a result, we find ways to collaborate and achieve great feats as we chase for quality

Express yourself

Creativity comes to life when everyone is given some room to breathe. We encourage our staff and customers to be confident and express themselves.

Mutual Respect

We give maximum respect to our work, staff, clients and partners. Therefore, we build long-lasting relationships and consistently demonstrate our commitment to the mission.

Always curious

We don’t settle for the obvious, the easy or convenient. We are always exploring the digital landscape with child-like wonder, infusing what we learn into our projects.


We keep all our processes completely  transparent, and keep our clients in the loop on the current developments of the projects constantly. We deliver exactly what we agreed upon, no surprises at the last moment.

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