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10 Ways Content Marketing Generates More Traffic for your Site

There is a small number of people visiting your website, which essentially means the content you have been publishing is not bringing about the desired outcome.

Generating the amount of desired traffic is not as simple as having an attractive website or paying for advertisements. There is more to an effective website than its glam or the resources you pour into it.

If you do not improve your content marketing strategy, it is highly likely that your website will become obsolete, no matter how visually appealing it may be. Not only does this invalidate your efforts, but also defeats the whole purpose of having set up the site in the first place.

Today, most businesses rely on online marketing as the main driver of success. Therefore mismanagement of any aspect of your online presence will put you at a serious disadvantage and you may very well watch your competition outgrow you and become what was you could have been.

Effective content marketing is one sure way to guarantee that your website generates traffic. What we mean by this, is that there are ways to engineer the content on your website to specifically target and resonate with your target audience. This will, in turn, overwhelmingly grow the number of users who visit your website.

Below is a list of 10 effective content marketing strategies you can apply today to see an increase in your website’s traffic and ultimately your conversion and sales volume.

1.      Understanding your Target Audience

Content marketing is based on the psychology of the customer. Designing website content according to your audience will prolifically improve the number of visits to your website. Customers are more inclined to associate with the business that understands their needs and directly confirms their expectations. Understanding your audience helps clarify your message which in turn makes your website more relatable.

2.      Increasing Customer Engagement

To expound on the previous point, successful content marketing agencies prioritize customer engagement because it is out of this that websites stand out. Segmenting the audience is a popular way to increase client engagement. This is done by categorizing website visitors into two main groups; ‘buyers’ and ‘lookers’. Data such as demographics, purchase patterns, and geographic locations are collected from both groups making it easier to set up content marketing strategies that draw in the target audience.

3.      Understanding Facts and Taking Tactical Action

As mentioned above, content marketing allows for the continuous observation, data analysis, and testing of existent and incoming content, which then allows you to upgrade the content you are generating to meet the ever-evolving market trends. This model has been applied by globally renowned online marketers such as Brian Dean who came up with the popularly acclaimed “content upgrade”.

4.      Having a Solid Action Plan

The process of creating an effective content marketing strategy involves the careful articulation of steps. These steps are designed to increase action potential significantly. The steps involve; content planning, content auditing, production plan, performance measures, and distribution plan.

When the content is created through this setup, it is highly likely that it will perform better. Content marketing strategies significantly improve your action plan and the overall performance of your website.

5.      Irresistible Headlines

Part of a good content marketing strategy is the creation of great headlines. Headlines are given the most priority because they represent the first contact with the client. Without compelling headlines, most people are likely to discard your material as irrelevant or insufficient.

Professionally written content has very persuasive headlines that are guaranteed to attract customers.  Furthermore, attractive headlines are likely to be shared by your clients. Overall headlines make up a huge part of how people perceive your website, how often they visit, and how likely it is that they will read and ultimately share your material.

6.      On-Page and Off-Page SEO

SEO refers to the act of optimizing your website to guarantee that it ranks highly on organic results when users search for the services or products you are offering. 

SEO content writing requires an understanding of the ever-evolving internet landscape.

Keyword optimization is an essential practice in SEO. Some keywords are likely to be searched whenever a user or a potential client is looking for your services or products. Maximizing these keywords helps in targeting your clients and ensuring that they land on your website before finding competing websites.

Long-tail keywords are responsible for the majority of web searches. However, this practice requires a certain degree of professionalism because inappropriate keyword use is known to depreciate the quality of your website. Effective content marketing strategies, however, employ effective keyword use to guarantee your website’s high ranking.

7.      Referral Traffic

This is a less tedious and time-consuming way to generate traffic. Instead of persuading and paying other sites to link back to your website, you can generate quality content that will guarantee your site is linked back to. Assured referral traffic is likely to generate as many website visits as paid-ads. Website content that is professionally written is the best way to get referral traffic.

8.      Social Media Marketing

Active participation in social media is one of the most important activities in content marketing. Sharing your content on social media is no longer just enough to attract customers. The use of appropriate hashtags and comments on Facebook posts attracts potential clients to your website.

It is this way that customers know about the true values of your company and the extent of your customer prioritization. Content marketing is known to use effective social media marketing strategies that lead to an exponential increase in traffic.

9.      Research on Competition

Staying ahead of your competition is necessary for business; that’s why they are called the ‘competition’, right?

This, however, is highly dependent on the information you have about the competing parties and a good content marketing strategy will undoubtedly include a competitor analysis. Understanding how your competition works and their current status significantly helps in creating new strategies.

Planning for action while having competition in mind creates a sustainable content strategy that is unique in your market and that will keep you ahead of the rest in terms of website traffic.

10. Monitor Conversion Rates

Another way to skyrocket the number of views on your website is to consistently monitor the conversion rates. Conversion rates refer to the percentage of website visitors who end up accomplishing the desired task.

High conversion rates essentially mean that your website is proactive.  Effective content marketing techniques use the influences of conversion rates to ensure your website remains active.

In Sum

At WorkNami we offer you current content marketing strategies that go beyond the scope of most content marketing agencies.

We believe in our professional capacity and in our ability to develop the most effective content marketing strategies that improve the reach of your website and ultimately boost your sales, regardless of your field of business.

Contact us for a transformative experience in this revolutionary age in business.

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